Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here I go again!

Hello again my friends!  I've taken a break from blogging, not because I really wanted to but because my old laptop just made it too frustrating.  I have a nice new Surface Pro 3 that I am in love with, and am happy to be able to get back to blogging about my adventures here in Jacksonville.  That's right folks - it's not going to be just food anymore.  I have too many interests to limit my blogging to food related things!  Now let's not get crazy, you all know me and you know that food is pretty much my life in one form or another - between what I do for a living (Cook in a daycare center), my side job (Pampered Chef), the fact that we ALL have to eat, and the fact that I just love food!  I love to cook and try new recipes, and I certainly love to eat ;-)  But, I also have other interests and will be writing about them from time to time as well.  

Like today. I am off to meet with a group of women who get together once a month at the local library to be crafty.  Some scrapbook, some make cards, some make home decor projects, some are like me and plan on doing something but sit there staring at what we brought wishing we'd of brought something else to work on!  Last month was the first time I joined them after finding the group on a few months ago, and I am looking forward to today.  I am in a monthly card swap with my "inner circle" of crafty friends, and plan on getting my cards for this month done today so I can mail them out next week. 

Also on my agenda for today is to come up with some meal plans for Marissa.  She is trying to be better about eating breakfast and packing her lunches for work and needs some ideas.  Lord knows I have those!  I also need to make a grocery list for our house and go shopping tomorrow.  Thinking I need a trip to the Farmers Market as well, since after cleaning out the fridge and getting rid of the "holiday" food - it's pretty darn bare in there.  Not sure when being out of Zucchini became a crisis, but I was having a hard time finding something to eat for breakfast because that's what I wanted and there are no fresh vegetables in the house :(  

This is what I ended up with (along with 2 boiled eggs).  It's usually more of a snack thing for me, or a "I need something sweet" treat, but today it was breakfast.  Rice cake (chocolate), almond butter, drizzle of honey, sliced banana and cinnamon.  Delicious!


  1. Glad you are back to blogging!

  2. Blogging is good I have discovered :) Welcome back my friend <3