Sunday, April 5, 2015

Been a while...

Geesh, I don't know how I let this get away from me!   We got busy with life and blogging took a backseat I guess.  Which is funny because I think about blogging all the time. I even write blog posts in my head while I'm at work, just never seem to have time to sit and get them typed out!  I've been thinking about writing a lot today and decided that while I feel like I don't have much to say right now, there IS a lot I do want to write about.  So be ready for more frequent posts again - I miss writing and sharing things with you all.

This week is going to be a fun one. Marissa and Jen will be here Tuesday and we have a fun week planned!  Zach, Cassie & Grahm will be here Thursday night.  It'll be so nice to have all the kids under one roof again, I cannot wait!  We are packing a picnic (and lots of sunscreen!!) and heading to the beach Friday, going to be so much fun :)

I am really enjoying being a part of the Juice Plus company.  Since I became a part of this awesome community of people I have helped 10 of my family, friends & their children get started on a path to healthier futures.  Not to mention Russ and I - we both feel so much better, have more energy and are both slowly losing weight - which is exactly how it should be.   Being a part of this company is definitely a forever thing for us, I see it being my only "job" within a few years.  I have seen how it has changed the lives of the people on our team and can't wait until I am there with them!  I think I am most excited about the fact that it has my own kids caring about their health.  They are eating healthier and being more active all on their own. I feel like they are going to finally break the cycle of unhealthy habits that have been handed down through the generations.  My grandmother instilled in the whole family that food equals love, only to her food meant sugar!!

It's past my bedtime, need to get some sleep and get ready for our busy fun filled week with the kiddos!

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