Sunday, April 19, 2015

Habits and Routines

I never used to be much of a planner, always kind of flew by the seat of my pants - much to Russ's horror.  He was the planner, the organizer, the one who kept us all in line.  He's known as the shoe fairy in our house. No matter where we took off our shoes in the house, they'd always end up back in the "shoe spot", and they'd all be lined up perfectly.  Nothing wrong with being like that - I just wasn't.  Somehow over the past few years that has changed.

I need my routines. I need the habits I have developed.  They keep me grounded and focused.  They also keep my anxiety at a manageable distance.  I know that if I don't plan our meals and keep food and meals prepped in the fridge, we will end up going out and making unhealthy choices.  I made a habit out of planning our menus for the coming week on Saturday, and then shopping and prepping on Sunday.  That habit has just become my routine now.  I made a habit out of keeping my gym bag packed and ready to go every morning, and bringing it with me when I leave the house.  This way I can change at work if I want to go to the trail, or I can just head to the gym.  I do this because I know if I come home first to change I will most likely end up not going back out.  That habit has just become my routine now.

When Russ's schedule changed at work it totally screwed up my routine.  If I go to the gym right after work I will only see him for maybe 2 hours a day.  That 2 hours would be spent making our dinner and packing his lunch while he showered.  So basically I won't see him much at all.  I'm not ok with that so I come home after work so I can see my husband.  We tried a few things, like him meeting me at the gym, or me picking him up and we go to the trail - but time wise it just wasn't working out.  I am currently trying to develop a new habit of going to the gym when he leaves for work at 5:30.  I'm not thrilled with this, but I need to get my exercise in and there's really no other option.  I'm sure after a week or two it will just be a part of my routine.

Last week the kids were all here and my routines went right out the window. I am not complaining, I'd give them all up to have our family here with us all the time!  I was sad to see them go, but the next day when I got up and made my shake, and packed my lunch, and did all the other things I do in the morning I realized something.  I'd missed my routines.  And while I miss the kids, I was happy to have our "normal" back.

I am sure Russ wishes some of these new habits of mine included things like not making piles of stuff all over the place, and folding the laundry when its done instead of letting it sit in the basket to get all wrinkled.  Maybe someday. Baby steps, right?!

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